30 Engaging Ways to Begin Class

  1. Do a quick write
  2. Complete a map activity
  3. Share this day in history
  4. Respond to a journal Q
  5. Write a headline about a current political, sports or pop culture event
  6. Analyze image, photograph, piece of art – What is this?
  7. Answer a trivia Q from a specific content area
  8. Present “someone you should know”
  9. Ask focus questions
  10. Complete variation of K.W.L. [Know, Want to know, Learned] chart or other graphic organizer
  11. Complete entrance ticket
  12. Try to solve a puzzle
  13. Put events/people in order
  14. Analyze a cartoon
  15. Discuss meaning of the “quote of the day”
  16. Draw a picture
  17. Identify significance of an object
  18. Use humor/joke/riddle
  19. Tell a human interest story.
  20. Share humorous misconceptions from history.
  21. Ask “What’s wrong with this picture?”
  22. Share a local history or current local event or happening.
  23. Write a short poem.
  24. Show a relevant video/film excerpt.
  25. Play a relevant musical piece.
  26. Pose a “pretend that…” scenario.
  27. Find something in the room that is a symbol or representation.
  28. Assess prior knowledge.
  29. Conduct a straw poll.
  30. Present a paradox or contradiction.

Created by Sandra Oldendorf for Teaching Fellows Seminar, October 4, 2006, Appalachian State University


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