About this Blog Site

Teaching the History of the World Pt. 1 is a one stop center for useful and meaningful information for Students, Teachers, and Parents & Guardians; however, anyone who wishes to expand their historical knowledge is also welcome.  The site also contains research that I have conducted, that is unrelated to my students’ curriculum and writings from my College years.  Teaching the History of the World Pt. 1 is intended to be a blog that aids in the professional development of teachers and faculty, a place for parents & guardians to find useful information to help their student(s), and for students to find useful information for my class and other classes.

descriptionStudents will find useful information about their classes in the Student Resources section.  Students currently taking one of my classes can access their class syllabus and tentative class schedule by clicking on the link to their class.  Students past and present can also take advantage of a wide variety of presentations, as well as resource databases for both scholarly sources and sites to avoid, located in the “fake news” menu.  Current students will find that the presentations found in the Student Resources section align with class instruction found in the class schedule.

Teachers will find useful information that will hopefully help them in their own class instruction.  Teachers can find links to state and federal teaching standards, National Curriculum for Social Studies Standards, and C3 Design Standards.  My own presentations and lesson plans are also available to any who wish to use them.  However I do ask that I be sited as a source for any lesson plans or presentations you create from my original work…but don’t worry it’s no charge!

Parents & Guardians will also find useful information on this site.  Parents & Guardians will find access to my additional contact information to keep abreast of their students progress, schedule of upcoming events and other needs (others may also use this contact information for professional development purposes).  Parents & Guardians will also find helpful tips to assist their students’ progress at home.


  • All pictures on this site are courtesy of WordPress, Wikimedia Commons, and Google Images.
  • All research and biographies are original creations by the author of this Blog site.  All original work on this Blog site is registered with Creative Commons as “Copy-Left,” meaning that information copied or obtained from this site is free to use provided that the author (Bryon Nelson) is sited within the new work, any work created using this sites information may profit; however, the author of any new work generated from this original work may not prohibit others from profiting or using this original work in any way.  (see Creative Comment License for further information).
  • Research and biographies may contain quotes from outside primary and secondary sources that use vulgar or offensive language.  These words or phrases do not, in any way, reflect any belief or malice of the author of the original work; they are direct quotes.
  • To Parents & Guardians I ask that you use your discretion when choosing to allow your child to read the material.
  • To students I ask that you maintain a proper level of maturity and professionalism when reading this material, and understand that the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the past should never be examined with the moral ideals of today.
  • It is important to remain objective when studying history.  I hope you enjoy the work and look forward to any comments you may have.

-Bryon Nelson