Contact the Teacher

To contact me, please feel free to send me an email anytime.  Please note that during school hours I will be unable to respond to emails, as I will be educating your student.  I will return your email as soon as possible following class and any after school related activities (parent/teacher conferences, teacher conferences, coaching, etc.).  I will respond to your emails  in the order in which they were received.  Any emails sent after 6:00 p.m. will be responded to the next school day, after class.  During school holidays, I will check my email daily and will respond as quickly as possible.

Prior to emailing me, I would suggest that you first check the Student Calendar, as this may answer your questions.  I will continuously update the calendar to ensure its accuracy.  You may also find the answer you seek in your student’s syllabus that they are required to keep in their binder (however, it is also located in the Student Resources Section under the sub-menu of your students class).  Please be advised that students as well as parents utilize me email to contact me.

I encourage my students to seek answers out on their own rather than immediately contacting me.  I am also aware that students may try to contact me under the guise of being a parent/guardian in hopes of getting an easy answer, rather than looking for it themselves.  If you ask me a question that can be found on the schedule or syllabus my answer will be only “look in the syllabus/schedule.”  This is to encourage students to keep track of their academic lives and since I have no way to know if it is a student or parent/guardian contacting me, the answer will be the same regardless.  It is not my intention to be rude if and when a parent or guardian receives this response.  With that said, if your answer can be located in the student calendar or syllabus, my response will be to inform you that it is in one of the two places.  I thank the parents/guardians in advance for assisting me in assuring that their students keep track of their own academic lives and progress.

Schedules and syllabus’ can and do change at any time.  In the event that this should happen, I will send out an email to all students and parent/guardians regarding the change.  If need be, paper copies will also be sent home with your student.

Thank you,

Bryon Nelson