This site contains information for Students, Teachers, and Parents & Guardians.  The site also contains research that I have conducted during my College years.  Teaching the History of the World Pt. 1 is intended to be a blog that aids in the professional development of teachers and faculty, a place for parents and guardians to find useful information to help their student, and for students to find useful information for my class and other classes.

Students will find useful information about their classes.  In the Student Resources section, young scholars can access there class syllabus, tentative class schedule, presentations, and resource databases for both reliable, scholarly sources and sites to avoid located in the “fake news” menu.

Teachers will find useful information that will hopefully help them in their own class.  Teachers can find links to state and federal teaching standards, National Curriculum for Social Studies Standards, and C3.  My own presentations and lesson plans are also available to any who wish to use them.  However I do ask that I be sited as a source in any lesson plan or presentation that you use, or take information from, that I have created.

Parents and Guardians will also find useful information on this site.  Parents/Guardians of my students will find access to my additional contact information to keep abreast of their students progress and needs.  Others may also use this contact information for professional development purposes.  Parents/Guardians will also find helpful tips to assist their students progress at home.


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