Research & Biographies

Protest Songs of the Orwellian New World Order – This paper talks about how music has been used as a form of protest for many years.  Typically songs protest a particular event; however, protest songs of the Orwellian New World Order generate songs about a broad range of conspiracy theories that, at times, have links to real events and facts.

The Life of Ho Chi Minh – This biography talks about the life of Ho Chi Minh from his birth up to the American entry into the Vietnam War.  The purpose of the biography is to show why Ho Chi Minh resisted the American invasion.

The Hypocrisy of Andrew Johnson’s Impeachment – discusses the events surrounding the impeachment of Andrew Johnson and the 40th Congress.  The paper also alludes to public opinion about the early stages of Reconstruction and the transition between Presidential and Congressional Reconstruction.

The North Carolina Response to Brown vs. Board of Education for the School Year 1956-1957 – This paper talks about how North Carolina participated in Massive Resistance, stifled African American votes and voices, and the Legislative measures the state took to keep North Carolina schools segregated; despite being ordered by the Supreme Court to desegregate “with all deliberate speed.”